Lilly Kelly

Teal Turtles- Younger 2 Year Old Classroom

Hello! My name is Lily and I am a co-teacher in
the Teal Turtles classroom. I am currently
attending the University of Washington; completing my last year. I am a Political Science major, finishing a minor in English. Throughout my time there I have taken a few early childhood development courses as well. I started out babysitting when I was 15, and then moved to nannying. Before this, I worked at a private school in downtown Seattle that works with kids that have learning difficulties of the elementary school age. I am excited to be working here because although I’m aware of the challenges that arise every day, I still leave work here with a since of pride and accomplishment. Helping your children learn and giving them a fun, safe environment to do that is something I am very happy to do! Outside of work I enjoy hiking, when the weather allows it, spending time with my pet snake and spending quality time with my friends and family.