Infant Program

Meet Our Infant Teacher


-Keara Pressey, Teacher

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"I have always loved children and was blessed to be able to work in the infant department... I can't wait to love and take care of your little ones."

-Valeska Yenser, Infant Manager

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Meet Our Infant Manager

"Working with children brings me so much joy because I love knowing I had a special hand in their learning experience."

-Olga Remizova, Teacher

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Meet Our Infant Teacher


Red Ladybug  and Yellow Bumblebee Classrooms

Our infant rooms serve our youngest friends, from 4 to 12 months. 

Infants enjoy the peaceful environment of their own building where they are welcomed by attentive, caring staff who focus on helping your child develop their most basic skills including feeding, mobility, gross motor movement, and positive social interaction. 

Two separate classrooms allow plenty of safe, engaging space for the younger ones to explore and the older ones to be on the move, pull themselves up, and adventure around the space.