Support Teacher

Hello my name is Emily Whitfield; I am very excited to be a part of the Mini Einstein team! I have lived in Seattle my entire life and am very familiar with the community. I have been a childcare teacher for almost 12 years. I am now a mother to my beautiful daughter Clementine who has turned one this past July.

I love to learn new things everyday and try to take on new challenges as often as possible to help me and the others around me grow and reach our full potential. I love painting and doing fun crafty projects. As a teacher my main goal is your child's safety and well being. Once those needs are met I believe fun and engaging positive activities are a must for anyone that may they be two years of age or an adult.

I like to view the world as every aspect of our day is a learning experience that will help us become the people we want to be. In my time being a teacher I have worked in various positions, may it be the assistant to lead teacher or even a cook to better my knowledge ensuring each individual Child's needs will be met. My favorite part in working with children is the time we spend outdoors with nature and being able to see things for what they are or what they can be. Something as simple as a pine cone can evolve into something as amazing as hidden treasure.

I hope to help your child tap into that creative thinking and really use their imagination to have as much fun as possible while keeping a safe environment for all of us to learn.

Peace and love Emily

Emily Whitfield