Meet Our PE Teacher

"It's never too early to work towards being the healthiest you!"

-Ashley Morga, PE Teacher

Mini Einstein's Learning Center is fortunate to have over 1300 square feet of gym space, a variety of indoor games and gross motor development equipment, and a dedicated physical education instructor on staff. Rain or shine, our students are able to get some active play time every day. While field and playground time allow for important active free play, during PE time students are guided through various activities that promote physical development, social and emotional well-being, life-long healthy practices, and an increased capacity for learning. Activities that work on the development of gross motor skills, core strength and balance, crossing the midline, planning and sequencing, and age-appropriate aerobic exercise are folded into fun games. Students are encouraged to try new skills, improve or progress in skills they have already achieved, and work cooperatively with their peers.
Having a dedicated PE teacher means classes are tailored to the unique needs and developmental level
of each class and even each student, adjusting an activity as needed to make PE time a positive
experience of growth for everyone.

Ashley Morga has been getting kids moving for nearly 15 years. She attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she studied dance and received a bachelor of arts degree in 2006. Her college dance training included not only the art of dance, but also the science of movement. After teaching dance in the Madison area for a few years, Ashley opened her own dance studio, where she taught movement, dance, and fitness classes for the next 11 years. When her daughter, Madison (named after her alma mater!), reached school age, Ashley took an early retirement from the busy lifestyle of business ownership to spend more time at home with her family and giving her the chance to attend her own daughter's extracurricular activities. She believes that kids weren't meant to sit still, and is excited to continue working with kids and watching them grow! When she's not at MELC, Ashley enjoys exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest and traveling, especially to the Caribbean and Europe, and running in race events with great scenery or fun medals. She is also currently working on completing her associate's degree in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on the study of the physical and cognitive development of children.