We are a diverse group of energetic, and engaging young minds eager for adventure, and the joys of learning. Here at Mini Einstein’s Learning Center, we strive to provide a warm, and enriching learning environment for our young learners. Each day our students are learning critical new skills in behavior, communication, arithmetic, safety, and health.

In our class we learn positive social interactions, by learning to share, care, and talk with our peers. To promote pro-social behavior, students learn to respect themselves, their peers, teachers, and their environment. Students are also learning to help each other out, and resolve conflicts by working with peers by employing good communication skills. Each child has the opportunity to interact with teachers and peers one-on-one, as well as in small groups, and as a class as a whole. Students are gaining their independence, and building their confidence as they learn these ne, and important skills.

Through play, students are free to use their imagination to build strong friendships and bonds. Activities that are both individual and team-based allow students to interact, and learn in a variety of ways. Children practice social skills, and build friendships through play, and daily classroom interactions each and every day.

As we are getting closer to kindergarten, we are building upon our fine and gross motor skills. Through fun and developmentally appropriate activities on a daily basis, these skills are achieved.  Children are naturally imaginative, and we encourage this through open-ended crafts, and play which allows them to express themselves creatively. We enjoy fun and exciting science projects, so that students can enjoy discovering, and seeking understanding of natural phenomena. We love to experience the world through our senses, so students explore and observe our environment through nature walks, and fun classroom crafts, and projects.

Our Early Preschoolers are also learning about human anatomy, and how our bodies function. Some students are in their final stages of potty training, so we take regular potty breaks as a class throughout the day. Students are provided opportunities to develop oral, as well as written communication skills through the many interactive activities we plan for them. We are developing our pre-reading skills by learning to recognize the alphabet so that we can spell, and read our names and also read other words. To encourage oral and written language learning, we incorporate fun word games, craft letters, as well as other engaging activities around language. We also use counting games and activities to help engage students as they learn to count, recognize numbers, understand quantities and much more.

Our children are provided opportunities that encourage good health, safety, and hygiene. We are learning to increase our awareness of safety rules, so that we can play and have fun safely. The Pre-K classroom is a wonderful place full of learning, and a great place for a developing mind.

Welcome to the Early Pre-K classroom!

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