Social Emotional

While in join circle time, students learn to enjoy books about adventures, and destinations in the world. While practicing their vocabulary, students express themselves with words. Through interactions with their friends, they are beginning to learn to solve social problems through negotiation.


During story time children learn, that the print in the book are the same words that they are hearing. Through conversations in circle time, children learn to express their own thoughts. When they help put things away on shelves, they are learning to sort, and organize play things. When your child pretends with toys, they are learning to use representation through abstract thinking. When they play and build with their friends, they are learning to carry out ideas, and cooperation with others.

Motor skills

When a child scribbles and draws, they are learning to hold a pencil or other writing instrument with a firm grip. By placing shapes in a container, children learn to develop their eye-hand coordination. When they paint a picture, they learn to exercise their imagination and creativity. While matching up toys, your child is beginning to learn concepts such as, shapes, colors, sizes, and locations. When they talk about their pictures, they are learning to express themselves with words.

Math and Science

With the help of play dough or clay, children learn to not only express, but also soothe their emotions. This is done through pounding and squeezing of the dough. By allowing them the use cookie cutters, the children learn to identify different shapes on the background of the table, which is a pre-reading skill. Using our sensory table, students learn about the different textures of materials.  When they pour sensory materials from one container to another, the children learn about quantity, and volume, as well as the differences and similarities of objects. During music class children play with musical instruments, and  develop auditory discrimination (recognizing differences in sounds, necessary when learning to read). 

Gross Motor Skills

While playing on riding toys, the students learn to strengthen, balance, and coordinate their larger muscles such as their thighs, chest, and abdominal muscles. As your child begins to run, they develop an understanding of speed, direction, and location. We utilize dancing as a fun, and goofy way to work on our balance and coordination skills. Physical strength, coordination, and balance are all benefits they receive, when they play on the climbing equipment.

Welcome to the world of Toddlerhood all you care free, cuddly and curious little tots!”

We as teachers, guide these 2 year olds with a well-rounded and diverse background! Our love and sense of adventure will channel your child’s energy towards growth in all areas of life. From: emotional, physical, social, and spiritual self. They learn self-help skills, who they are (personality make up), harmony (getting along as a class), discipline by the word of God, prayer, and positive redirection.

If there is an issue we will resolve it, through careful observation, attention to detail, and notable signs given by the child themselves. We will help shape your child’s character with our daily interactions (class/teachers)!

Toddler Learning Benefits

2 Year Old Classroom