The Waddler child care program at Mini Einstein's Early Learning Center is designed for student’s ages 12 months, to 24 months. We here at MELC encourage independence, self-esteem, social interaction, and intellectual development through play, exploration, and structured activities. A nutritious breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided. Waddler teachers provide parents with daily sheets detailing their child's day.

Providing a safe environment to explore

  • Age appropriate play spaces, that are safe and inviting
  • Redirection of inappropriate behavior, to foster  appropriate social interactions
  • Provide opportunity for outside play, and interaction in other environments such as the indoor play space

Promotion of Intellectual and Cognitive growth

  • Sensory stimulation through a variety of toys, materials, and activities
  • Manipulation of a variety of objects, and textures such as blocks, and motion toys
  • Teacher assisted play, to encourage language skills, and problem solving abilities

Language and Communication Development

  • Storytelling, reading books, and the use of age appropriate voice tone, and conversational style
  • Assist child in developing an understanding of the self-concept

Use and promotion of creative play

  • Flexible playtimes that foster creativity
  • Integration of weekly themes into curriculum
  • Music classes
  • Varied art projects utilizing diverse media

Social interaction

  • Socialization in conjunction with interaction with peers and teachers

Development of motor skills

  • Encourage movement with age appropriate furniture, to practice motor skills

Promote multicultural awareness

  • Provide an array of multicultural songs, music, books, pictures, and toys

Daily Sheets and Communication

Daily Sheet – You will receive a Waddler Daily Sheet which will communicate various aspects of your Waddler’s day, as well as any needs MELC may have for your child.

Monthly Newsletters

We send home newsletters in the Waddler classroom via children’s mailboxes, emails, and through MELC’s Facebook postings. These newsletters are full of events that will be, and have been on going in the waddler room.

Open-Door Policy

MELC maintains an open-door policy, which allows parents the opportunity to stop by the Center at any time and visit with their children.

Waddlers Development:

1 Year Old Classroom