9521 240th St. SW
Edmonds, WA 98020-5602
M-F: 05:45 AM - 06:30 PM
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Welcome to Mini Einstein's Learning Center  

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Mini Einsteins Learning Center (MELC) was founded in 2010 by Samantha Sciacca and her husband, a US Army war veteran, William. Since opening its doors, MELC has provided childcare for hundreds of families, giving children a save environment to learn and grow in. MELC focuses on education, providing a Kindergarten Readiness Class for children and are one of the few centers to have three teachers per classroom for children under 3 and 2 teachers plus an assistant in our older classrooms, ensuring each child has the attention they need in order to grow and learn every minute of every day. From its staff, to its children, to its parents, MELC is a family.

MELC has been growing like crazy. In September of 2015 MELC relocated to a bigger facility located in a vacant building that once was Woodway Elementary School (owned by the Edmonds School District). Here, with the help of the community, staff and parents, MELC remodeled their entire unit turning 9,400 sq feet into an open, bright and top notch facility for children to play and learn in.

Per the contract with Edmonds School District, the space was to be MELC's until June, 2016. At that time, the school district would acquire the building back, and all tenants in the building would need to find a new space.

On January 17th, 2015 MELC was turned upside down with news that the Edmonds School District wants to acquire the building back this June (2015). Giving MELC less than 4 months to find a new location and move over 100 families. While MELC understands the School Districts needs, it also is concerned with the financial burden this will leave on the families at MELC. The center is forced to move very quickly and into a higher priced building that will also require remodeling.

MELC needs your help. In order to move locations as quickly as they need to, remodel to fit the needs of their children and prepare to pay an increased rent, a substantial amount of money needs to be raised. Anything that you can donate will be greatly appreciated by Samantha, William, the Staff and the 100 families of MELC. Please click on the link to our Gofundme.com/MELC1 to support our cause with your donations.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve families within the community by providing the highest quality of care for their children. Mini Einstein’s Learning Center is a safe, supportive, exciting, and nurturing environment. We strive to ensure the children grow physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and will come to understand that they were created, and are loved by God.

About MELC



Mini Einstein's Learning Center (MELC) is a Christian based daycare which operates in Edmonds, WA. MELC is owned, and operated by Samantha and William Sciacca. Samantha is our Program Director, and William is our Operations Manager.

 As an early learning center we pride ourselves in teaching children basic and advanced skills to prepare them for primary school. Some of those skills include vocabulary, mathematics, science, as well as social skills. MELC prides it's self in the quality of our teachers, and the detailed curriculum in which they create. We strive to bring our students to a level that would place them beyond the Washington State standards.

As a Christian based daycare we do conduct prayer before serving meals, as well as bible study. MELC uses “God’s Big Picture” to teach our Bible curriculum, and ensures that the lesson being taught is age appropriate. Even though we are a Christian based daycare, we will not turn away any family for not being Christian. MELC understands that the world is full of different spiritual outlooks, and we respect everyone’s opinion. We will not force religion upon your child and/or family.

Finally MELC is a veteran owned and operated business. We offer discounts for our active duty/reserve component/national guard/veteran clients. For more information regarding discounts please contact MELC.

Please explore our website and contact us to discuss enrollment options or if you have any questions.

Our Religious Philosophy


MELC is a daycare that believes in teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, utilizing the teaching aide, God’s Big Picture. God’s Big Picture takes you and your child through a majestic gallery of the major characters and themes of God’s World! Its chronological approach allows students to understand the Bible as a picture of God’s plan and purpose. Our hope is to generate excitement about the wonderful way God has revealed Himself to us.

Each child is a blessed gift from God. MELC will, prepare, motivate as well as encourage them to become, caring, loving and passionate individuals. The children are a light that shines through the world’s darkness. In a world that carries trouble, hardships and disappointment, MELC is confident they will conquer any adversity with the help of God.


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